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All video samples throughout this website and the Ultimate Chase YouTube Channel are highly compressed for easier and faster sample viewing. Actual video in stock is television broadcast quality and available for immediate licensing. We ship out licensed video to our clients on Mini-DV tapes or via FTP uploads for rush orders and breaking news events. The samples below represent some of the more dramatic eclipse scenes in the library, but not the entire library.
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Solar Eclipse In The South Pacific Ocean
April 8th, 2005 !
World traveler and Ultimate Chase eclipse contributor "Klipsi" brings you some of the most amazing video of Solar Eclipses from all around the world !
High Res Photos Available
End Of Total Solar Eclipse Video
Location: South Australia
Total Solar Eclipse on Dec. 4th, 2002
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Annular ( Ring ) Solar Eclipse Video
Location: South of Mersing, Malaysia
Annular Eclipse on August 22nd, 1998.
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Total Solar Eclipse Video
Location: Near Khorat, Thailand
Shot of "Diamond Ring" effect at the end of totality during the Solar Eclipse on Oct. 24th, 1995.
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Total Solar Eclipse Video
Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Shot of the inner corona and prominence during Total Solar Eclipse on June 21rst, 2001
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Partial Solar Eclipse Video
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Shot of partial solar eclipse on Oct. 12th, 1996. A helium balloon coincidentally flies right in front of the partially eclipsed sun.
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Total Solar Eclipse Video
Location: Caribbean Islands, Aruba
Total Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26th, 1998
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Annular ( Ring ) Solar Eclipse Video
Location: Western Costa Rica
This Annular Eclipse was taken on December 14, 2001.
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Annular ( Ring ) Solar Eclipse Video
Location: Western Australia
This Annular Eclipse was taken on February 16, 1999
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Klipsi Filming Solar Eclipse
Location: South Australia
This shot shows the Moon's shadow cone touching Earth during the Total Solar Eclipse on Dec. 4th, 2002.
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People Watching Solar Eclipse Video
Location: Astronomical Observatory In Stuttgart, Germany
Shot of people watching the Solar Eclipse. A time lapse of this shot looks really neat. You see it go from light outside to dark, then back to light again as the people are still looking straight up. This shot was taken on August 11, 1999
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Lunar Eclipse Video
Location: Miami, Florida
Lunar Eclipse on November 8th, 2003
Coming Soon !
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