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All video samples throughout this website and the Ultimate Chase YouTube Channel are highly compressed for easier and faster sample viewing. Actual video in stock is television broadcast quality and available for immediate licensing. We ship out licensed video to our clients on Mini-DV tapes or via FTP uploads for rush orders and breaking news events. The samples below represent some of the more dramatic ice storm scenes in the library, but not the entire library.
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Blizzard / Ice Storm / Snow Stock Video Footage
Ultimate Chase's "Wild Winter Weather" stock video reel includes video from the 2003 President's Day Blizzard in New York City, Blizzards in the northeast, Ice Storms in the Carolina's, and more...
Ice Sheets Falling Off Roof After Ice Storm Video
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Ice sheets falling off a McDonalds roof once temperatures start to rise. Man almost gets hit by a giant falling sheet of ice !
Watch longer version here
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People And Ice Video
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Video of people interacting with the ice. Last two shots at the end of this clip show how the layer of ice formed on top of this layer of sleet, which allowed air pockets to get trapped under the layer of ice.
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Vehicles And Icy Roads Video
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Video of dangerous icy roads and vehicles slipping and sliding.
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Ice / Snow Plow Clearing The Roadways Video
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Ice / Snow plows clear the streets of downtown Greenville after Ice Storm.
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Plants And Trees Covered In Ice After Ice Storm Video
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Video of tree branches and plants with covered in ice.
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