Ultimate Chase, Inc. Press Release - July 2010
(July 2010) - Mike Theiss adds over 200 images from the 2010 Tornado Alley Expedition to www.ExtremeNature.com
Extreme Nature Photography has completed its most successful tornado alley expedition in over 10 years of chasing. Mike Theiss helped drive/guide with Cloud9Tours.com and had an amazing year. 16,000 miles and 6 weeks later Mike captured some amazing Tornado, Lightning, Hail, Storm Clouds and other images from Tornado Alley. Please take a few moments and browse through over 8 pages of newly added stock images to ExtremeNature.com
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www.ExtremeNature.com - Extreme Nature Photography by Mike Theiss
For more information, please contact Mike Theiss at (305) 394-6000
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