Hurricane Rina Stock Video, Cancun Mexico
Ultimate Chase's location during Hurricane Rina - Cancelled Chase - Stayed home in South Florida. CRAP STORM !
Hurricane Rina Stock Photos
Hurricane Jova Chase Account:
Chase Account: Hurricane Rina was a super crazy Hurricane / Tropical Storm. It was such a tricky decision and in the end I made the right decision. Despite dry air and increasing wind sheer it strengthened into a strong Hurricane and was making a beeline for the Yucatan Peninsula. My plane tickets were purchased and hotel reservations made. I studied and monitored the Hurricane very closely and made the decision to NOT chase before it started rapidly deteriorating. The decision had to be made in advance to allow time to travel to Cancun BEFORE the flights were cancelled. It was a tough call but with the large area of dry air and forecast wind sheer to increase I just knew it would kill it. Well literally an hour after cancelling the flight the pressure in the eye started to rise and the overall appearance started to deteriorate fast. Happy Happy I did not spend the money to fly to see a wimpy Tropical Storm.....Amen !

Mike Theiss
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