Category 3 Hurricane Jeanne Chase Account - September 25th / 26th, 2004
Infrared Satellite Image of Ultimate Chase's Location During Hurricane Jeanne !
Our Location During The Eye: Port St. Lucie
Hurricane Jeanne's Infrared Satellite Image and Final Track:
Hurricane Jeanne Infrared Satellite Image Property Of NOAA Hurricane Jeanne Track Map Property Of NOAA
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Hurricane Jeanne Photos:
Heavy wind blast before lights go out Heavy wind blast before lights go out
Bright blue power flash as eyewall approaches Bright blue power flash as eyewall approaches
Full moon through the eye of Hurricane Jeanne 952mb pressure measured in the eye of Jeanne
Storm surge Storm surge
Storm surge Vehicles driving through storm surge
Toppled over shell gas station awning NBC's Kerry Sanders reporting from ground zero
Lots of blue tarps wrapped around shredded trees S.S. Minnow - Where's Gilligan ?
Storm surge eroded sand from under road Hurricane debris lines the beaches
Damaged road from storm surge Damaged road from storm surge
Lots of debris washed onshore A destroyed business in historic Jensen beach
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Hurricane Jeanne Chase Account:
Chase Account: Hurricane Jeanne was a quick and easy chase. I left my home in South Florida in the early morning hours of Sept. 25 and drove just a few hours north to get into the direct path. I was extremely tired after just getting home from documenting Hurricane Ivan and spending a few days stranded on Pensacola Beach barrier island. This was my 4th Hurricane in just 2 months and my 2nd Hurricane to chase in almost the exact same location. I documented Hurricane Frances in Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach and stayed in the intense northern eyewall the entire time. I decided for this hurricane my goal was to play it a little further south and get into the actual eye. I drove around southern Hutchinson Island during the late night hours to get some night shots, then headed to Port. St. Lucie and found a Holiday Inn to use as a base to witness the eye as it came onshore. The calm eye lasted for about an 1.5 hours and the moon was fully visible. I measured a pressure of 952 millibars. I slept on the couch in the lobby for a few hours until sunrise and worked my way home after getting a few hours of video. Of the 4 Hurricanes I documented in the 2004 season, Jeanne was probably the least chaotic as I didn't push this chase too much because I was beat and sleep deprivation is a big danger when you need to be sharp as a tack when chasing these dangerous events. I had already experienced 170mph+ winds in Hurricane Charley and monstrous storm surge waves from Hurricane Ivan on a barrier island and figured not to press my luck on this one. After Hurricane Jeanne I went home to hibernate for the winter !
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