Category 4 Hurricane Emily Chase Account - July 17th and 18th, 2005
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Hurricane Emily makes landfall as a major category 4 Hurricane in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Infrared Satellite Images of Ultimate Chase's Location During Hurricane Emily:
Location During Hurricane Emily's Landfall: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Hurricane Emily's Infrared Satellite Images
Hurricane Emily Infrared Satellite Image Property Of NOAA Hurricane Emily Infrared Image Property NASA
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Hurricane Emily Stock Photos:
Intense lightning in the eyewall of Hurricane Emily Intense lightning in the eyewall of Hurricane Emily
Airplane thrown into a tree during Hurricane Emily Cement power poles toppled over from Emily's winds
Pemex gas station awning toppled over Collapsed Pemex gas station awning
Pemex gas station awning toppled over Awning ripped off poles and thrown into the woods
Pre-Hurricane photos from Cancun. These beautiful turquoise waters offer many photo opportunities.
Shot of turquoise waters off Cancun Shot looking down Cancun beach
Tourists await the arrival of Hurricane Emily Resort employees board up beach front windows
Tourists monitor Emily's progress My beachfront location at Playa Del Carmen
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Hurricane Emily Chase Account:
Chase Account: I Flew to Cancun Mexico on July 16th to get into position for Hurricane Emily. I spent the entire day of July 17th scoping out locations in the Cancun area as well as Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. I found a great safe location in Playa Del Carmen and decided to choose this as my location to be for Emily. The entire hurricane made landfall at night and got really intense and ferocious starting around 11:30pm lasting until 3:00am. This hurricane had more cloud to cloud lightning in it than any other I've seen. When the eyewall crossed my location the sky was lighting up constantly. I even heard thunder on a few occasions. I didn't film too much during the night as there wasn't much to see in the pitch dark. At daybreak I surveyed the damage from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum and the damage was extensive.
Special Thanks to Jim Reed for keeping me updated on Emily's progress during landfall.
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