Florida Overbuilding - South Florida Building Boom
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Homestead, Florida
Man made lake that soon will be surrounded by home.
Heavy equipment sits in front of newly dredged lake.
Dump trucks filling in wetlands.
Photo showing thick dirt fill being applied on top of wetlands.
Newly Ruined Wetlands !
New homes going on top of fill dredged from lake.
More farms being transformed into condo units.
Photo showing the new Walgreens and now already another building going up next to it. You can see the wetlands on the left that has not had sod applied yet. This block used to be all farms !
Ok, there is a Walgreens 3 miles from my house and just in the past month got this Walgreens less than a mile away. Why is it that now a damn CVS has to go in across the street ? We don't need this new Walgreens and really don't need another competitor across the street ! Please, both of these stores now sit where farms were only 2 years ago.
Signs of the times ! The old farm sign dwarfed by new sign advertising new homes that will be for sale soon where this farm sits.
A newly paved road that leads to empty land that soon will be all homes and condos. This used to be a farm a few years ago.
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